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Pornstar.com up for sale, but there’s some ongoing drama with this adult domain


Someone associated with the adult domain Pornstar.com is selling it.

Registered in 1997, Pornstar.com is a premium adult keyword, and as its seller, Brandon Seabrook Ackerman states, he’s looking for competent domain brokers.

But the sale does not arrive without any associated drama, much like Sex.com.

There are claims that the owner of Pornstar.com defaulted on a $30,000 dollar hosting bill.

Ackerman defended the current “for sale” status of Pornstar.com and denied that such a hosting bill exists:

Its not a fake sale and I have reached out to a good number of brokers/ sales affiliates to move this domain for me. Check your PMs. Soon the domain will be promoted heavily till a buyer is found for the price I’m asking. I hate keyboard warriors like you trying to interfere. Ackerman@pornstar.com OR WHOIS email on domain to verify. 

I have nothing to do with the defaulted hosting bill.. I passed the message to the people upstairs and haven’t heard anything and unsure how I can help you. HOWEVER. If you can broker the sale of pornstar.com I will pay the amount the old AFSC owner owes you + add some profit on top for you.

Meanwhile, emails are circulating from third party brokers eager to get a piece of the (cream)pie for Pornstar.com.

There are no recorded past sales of the domain at NameBio, and WHOIS is under privacy.

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One Response to “Pornstar.com up for sale, but there’s some ongoing drama with this adult domain”
  1. In 2012 the domain went for 1.5M..
    Ee acquired it for 1.1M ( more or less ) from Mallcom

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