Portfolio manager : The best domain name ever goes on sale for $1000 dollars!


Crap Domains for sale.

Domainers ask us all the time: what is the best domain name to showcase my portfolio?

Let’s face it, we aren’t close to being Rick Schwartz or Frank Schilling; their domain portfolios are hand-curated over the course of nearly two millennia.

OK, twenty and fifteen years respectively, to be exact. 😀

So what is the best domain name that a domain investor can own, to use as a domain portfolio manager?

Some say their domains are “hot shit“, but the truth is that they own “crap domains.”

For exactly $1,000 dollars, one can now buy CrapDomains.com at CAX – the domain marketplace operated by Francois Carrillo of Domaining.com fame.

Footnote: Francois owns that domain as well, so click here to buy it now!


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3 Responses to “Portfolio manager : The best domain name ever goes on sale for $1000 dollars!”
  1. Francois says:

    And for those that own better domains we also have DomainPortofolio.com for sale.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Francois – Mille merci 😀

  3. steve brady says:

    My distant relative Bobby his Maserati sold for 85, cost 140 new in 2013. Spends all day on FerrariChat, rambling depreciation. Many say Fcars made after 2000 are like .domains, never to be classic. So bobby had Lingenfelter in Kentucky install the supercharger on a factory GS vette, 80 total, sold for 37k. Every year he buys a Cayenne drives it for 4,000 miles and sells it for forty thousand less. I’ve spent less in domains than it costs to do front brakes on a F430 Scud. five grand per wheel. The offer I got for one of my .deals domains was over 3 times the original.

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