PortZeus.com – The latest #domain name by Frank Schilling!

Frank Schilling‘s amazing shift from domains to real estate is fueled by a passion to build on fresh ground.

The Uniregistry founder has been unveiling his projects in the Cayman Islands, and the latest is a marina and village to be built on the pristine Cayman Brac.

Schilling says he’s investing out of a love for the island and to fill what he sees as a needed niche rather than in expectation of significant profits, according to the Cayman Compass.

Frank Schilling – Video still courtesy of the Cayman Compass

The combined project will include a village, port and private air-services business over the next two decades. These plans will have to be approved by the local authorities as there are strict environmental rules in place to preserve and support wildlife.

According to the Cayman Compass, Frank Schilling’s most ambitious, and potentially controversial aspect of the project, is a plan to excavate six acres of land next to Scott’s dock to create an inland safe harbor that could accommodate around 20 fishing or pleasure boats.

The name of this project is Port Zeus, and by the looks of it Frank Schilling has secured the domain PortZeus.com.

Frank’s love for ancient Greece and its mythology goes back decades and this is the beginning of a new life for the domain industry entrepreneur.

Watch the video below:

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