Powerball winner among NamesCon attendees!

One lucky NamesCon attendee is among the 3 winners of tonight’s Powerball drawing, splitting an astronomical prize of $1.5 billion dollars.

The incredible story of Sob Ogus from Peoria, Illinois, was shared among a large number of TV networks and radio stations here in Las Vegas.

“So happy with the fact that after attending NamesCon and putting all my cash into the Water Night jar, I’d have some change to bring home, Vegas baby!” said Sob Ogus to the Tropicana TV crews.

“Maybe I’ll take a vacation, or keep working as a part time domainer, maybe I will do some joint ventures with the fine folks I met during the domain conference, Frank Schilling wanna join me?” exclaimed Sob Ogus, with a beaming smile.


Sob Ogus, Powerball winner, during NamesCon 2016.

The lucky Powerball winner will take home approximately $225 million after taxes, enough cash to buy Daniel Negari’s XYZ Registry outright, after its sizable appreciation due to the ABC.XYZ sale to Google.

Congratulations to the lucky winner, Sob Ogus, and to all the great people that attended NamesCon 2016.

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2 Responses to “Powerball winner among NamesCon attendees!”
  1. Sean Ottey says:

    Oh man, so excited. Maybe now he will accept my proposal to buy my domain for $100,000,000.00…


    (URL currently redirected to this article in hopes his personal assistant will send it to him on his hologram phone)

  2. DomainGang says:

    Sean – Sounds awesome. To achieve this type of sale, make sure you get on his good side, the right side.

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