Pray for Orlando : Domain marketplaces should block “Omar Mateen” domains from their sales venues

#PrayForOrlando. Creator: unknowm.

#PrayForOrlando. Creator: unknown.

Domain marketplaces such as Sedo, GoDaddy, Flippa, Afternic, Domain Name Sales and others take notice: “Omar Mateen” domains should not be allowed to be listed for sale on your venues.

Identified as the perpetrator of the bloodiest mass shooting in US history, Omar Mateen shot and killed at least 50 innocent patrons of an Orlando gay club, injuring dozens more.

This tragic incident led to the registration of the shooter’s name in various TLDs.

Those who spring to such domain registrations usually intend to capitalize on human tragedy by either parking the domains or by listing them for sale.

Domain marketplaces should block “Omar Mateen” domains from their sales venues, as an active display of their sympathy towards the severe human loss that was sustained.

Our support, thoughts and prayers go out to the victims’ families and everyone who was hurt by this devastating, horrific event in Orlando, Florida.


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9 Responses to “Pray for Orlando : Domain marketplaces should block “Omar Mateen” domains from their sales venues”
  1. Bruce Breger says:

    This is completely disgusting that someone will buy this name and try to profit from this tragedy. I really hope these sites do not allow this person to list this domain for sale. Registering this name today and making it private shows what kind of pathetic weasel this person is.

    Great post and I hope the registrars and sales venues take notice of this.

  2. Steve says:

    Well what about the registers and registries and icann? They too are profiting from these names are they not, same goes for blatant trademark names. So it’s ok for GoDaddy and ICANN and VERISIGN to profit but not a domaines? I am NOT in favor of selling these but why is it always the domainers who get knocked.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Steve – You do understand the difference between allowing any domain to be registered vs. allowing these tragedy-related domains to be offered for sale? These are two different issues.

  4. BC says:

    So you’re disgusted by profits coming from tragedy? How do you feel about CNN, FoxNews, newspapers, etc making record profits after Orlando shooting and other tragedies? Should they refuse advertising dollars after tragedies like this? Oh, these are news or informational sites, you say? How do you know the registrars aren’t putting up news sites for those wanting more information on the assailant? Is that different? Is it wrong for these registrants to try to make a profit from people searching for news on tragedies but OK for existing media companies? Seems like more af a gray area than a black and white issue to me. Good thing I have DomainGang to explain the difference.

  5. DomainGang says:

    BC – News media have the right and the obligation to report the news.

    Your claims that CNN, FoxNews or any other news reporting web site should waive advertising dollars is ridiculous – they serve as information outlets especially at a time of grave happenings.

    So you’re saying registering tragedy related keywords in domains and parking them, or offering them for sale is a legit business? As a Floridian living in the affected area, I am disgusted by your argument. There is no gray area, and I’m glad Sedo is blocking such domains from their marketplace.

  6. I hate it too but it is freedom of speech. Ban them now, next it something else and on and on. Hate it, but freedom of speech is a constitutional right – good or bad.

  7. DomainGang says:

    Bruce – I hate to break the news to you my friend, but private enterprises can most definitely define their rules as they see fit.

    You have the freedom of registering a domain, but Sedo can decline its listing “for sale” on their marketplace. They will also decline any monetization of it via PPC.

    Those who register these domains with no motive other than selling them, lose in the end.

    I hope you see the difference.

  8. Mark says:

    Who cares?

    What kind of sick F%$# would purchase such domains anyway?

    1. It’s today’s news – this will fizzle out in a few days…
    2. Just having a relationship with such a domain will likely put a target on your back.
    3. These companies have better shit to do than censor what gets posted on their boards/marketplaces.
    4. Once again, WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN CARE?

    Unless you are directly involved somehow, just move on an focus on what is important to you…

  9. DomainGang says:

    Mark – Tragic events don’t just fizzle out. But I agree on the other points. People affected by tragic events that want to share their allegiance or even grief, don’t park or offer these domains for sale.

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