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#PrayForBarcelona : Dot .com domain gets registered – again!

The domain PrayForBarcelona.com was registered the day of the terrorist attack in Barcelona.

Already sporting an active single-page web site with information on emergency contacts and a Twitter feed, the domain wasn’t registered for the first time.

“Pray for” domains have been registered every time a disaster occurred in a particular city, such as in Orlando, Florida; PrayForBarcelona.com was first registered in 2014 but there was no such attack at the time.

The reason that the domain was registered in 2014 was to serve as a major city for Bible studies, according to the Internet Archive.

According to the web site from 2014:

“Barcelona is one of the top 10 strategic “Smart Cities” in Europe. Ready to Ignite a Discipleship and Church planting movement.”

It’s sad that a noble domain registration to spread the word of god is now re-registered, with a somber incident as the trigger.

PrayForBarcelona.com in 2014.

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