Pro-cannabis senior citizens after iCANN name


Ganja for grannies.

Sue Taylor is an African-American, 69 year old California minister, bidding on the license to operate the fourth legal medical-marijuana dispensary and the first in the country catering specifically to senior citizens.

The acceptance of medical marijuana has changed the overall attitude of several US states towards legalization of the federally controlled substance.

Domain investors that focused on marijuana domains, cannabis domains, or ganja domains early on, are seeing their investments increase in value.

According to an article titled, “Cannabis for seniors“, Taylor wants to “convert a dingy, old, 3,900-square-foot space on Sacramento Street to a gleaming shop that not only stocks marijuana salves, tinctures and low-salt and low-sugar edibles for grannies with diabetes or high blood pressure.”

If Taylor gets her wish, her new venture will have a surprisingly familiar name: iCANN.


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