PSY’s “Daddy” *has* to be the next GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial!

GoDaddy is known for its wacky Super Bowl commercials during the 2000’s.

Last year’s tame selection was one huge step in the wrong direction, so to make up for lost time, GoDaddy needs to seriously up its game for the 2016 Super Bowl!

A new video by PSY called “Daddy” is the perfect tune for an adapted, licensed version.

Can you guess the chorus? 😀

“Hey! Where did you get that .com from?”

“I got it from GoDaddy!”


This is the new PSY video below!

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2 Responses to “PSY’s “Daddy” *has* to be the next GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial!”
  1. David says:

    That was really good… GD real should use that..It’s still in my head! Thanks for the laugh too.

  2. Do I have to return the puppy?

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