.QPON? New TLD about to (re)launch

When you roll out a new TLD based on a word, it makes sense to at least keep the spelling right.

Dot .QPON got creative, taking the word “coupon” to another level. It makes sense, as Amazon runs the dot .Coupon Registry. The competition from other TLDs does not end there, dot .Coupons is another TLD as well.

Dot .QPON is not new as it launched in 2014. At the apex of its registration success, it had about 700 domain registrations and about 245 currently. This is a reboot of the Registry with new branding, logo, and new, increased pricing.

While we understand that brands often rely on imagination and creativity, a TLD should not be hard to guess. This one does not even pass the radio test:

“For great crunchy snacks visit us at Crunchy Snacks dot ‘Que, pee, oh, en. Not the word ‘coupon’. Que with a letter ‘q’ okay?”

Despite all this, QPON is determined to succeed:

With .QPON businesses can provide the best deals to their customers. Agnostic of geography, language, and industry, .QPON is the short and memorable domain extension for any e-commerce website.

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