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QX.com : Two letter .com changed hands in China


LL .com domains are popular in China.

The premium two letter domain, QX.com, changed hands in China, and the new owners are Chinese.

Domain investor and LL .com aficionado, George Kirikos, has noted that the exchange of the domain resulted in a new ownership; the buyer appears to be Shenzhen Comix Group Co Ltd.

According to their Alibaba profile, the company produces raw materials for plastic stationary and paper files.

Basically, it appears they make all the office supplies you can buy at Office Depot, Best Buy and elsewhere.

Kirikos noted that the market capitalization of Shenzen Comix Group Co Ltd. is $1.2 billion dollars, making the purchase of QX.com a drop in the proverbial bucket, and most likely at a price in the 7 figure range USD.

That’s a great start in 2017 for the true essence of the Chinese domain market, LL .com domains, all while other parts of it remain in a depressed state.

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