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Ragazzo Greciano : Chinese premium LLLLL .com domains dropping like flies, says Italian investor


Ragazzo Greciano is from Italy.

Tens of thousands of LLLLL .com domains that belong to the “Chinese premium” letters category, are apparently dropping like swatted flies.

What are “Chinese premium” letters anyhow?

Ragazzo Greciano, a seasoned Italian domain investor and Chinese market expert, explains the specifics of this market:

“In letter latino, Roman empire use many weird letter for number, like MCLXVII ok? But China, want no V and no vowel. Remember, V is bad, Vowel is bad. Invest only other letter, is how market work,” said Ragazzo Greciano, gesticulating with both hands.

“For more letter, like 5 LLLLL we have, un momento, ok. 3 millione possibilita for .com. Combinazione molto incredibile, but now China domainers drop, expire, ma che cazzo!” exclaimed Ragazzo Greciano, visibly dejected.

With five letters and no vowels, Chinese premiums such as KSXXD.com and FTPPL.com – for example – are now considered failed investments. Chinese domainers scanned the entire 3 million combination range, registering it last year. Now, these domains are expiring faster than a bottle of Wal-Mart milk infested with e-coli.

“Domainers, are stupido if think all junk valuable, it stupid advice,” said Ragazzo Greciano, adding: “I can only think of two words for man promoting LLLLL .com invest: vaffanculo and stronzo!”

The new reality about five letter, Chinese premium .com domains, might push domain investors eager to make a profit to safer domain investments, such as three letter .Wang or .Shop domains; at this point, even keyword .XYZ domains seem to be a better option.

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