Ragazzo Greciano : #Italian foods are best for five letter #domains

Ragazzo Greciano, an established, widely respected domain analysis expert from Napoli, Italy, shared his latest official report about trends in domain investing.

Known for his love for pasta and pizza, both five letter words, Ragazzo Greciano is moving his analysis and focus to 5-Letter .com domains.

“I believe is best when can eat domain, mama mia, how you say, terrific taste for investment. If you get food and domain, and stick .com at end, that better eh? Who love short bite, love short domain!”

Greciano’s choice of domains also include a variety of Italian cooking favorites, such as garlic.com, oregano.com, lasagna.com and polenta.com. He advises domainers to invest in meaningful, edible domain names, and enjoy life in general as it’s too short.

“So you know, I come from bella Napoli, so tomata is the source of flavor, mix with dough and cheese to make good meal, then win domain at DropCatch. Also red onion and garlic good for the man, fornicate well!”

Ragazzo Greciano will be attending NamesCon 2020 in Austin, Texas, where the best domainers in the entire domain industry will indulge in great eating, domains, and wine tasting.

“I wish more American peoples love domain with Italian flavor, eh, we make it the very best!” added Ragazzo Greciano, gesticulating over his espresso.

Be there, or Guido will come break your legs, capeesh?

Ragazzo Greciano – Italian domain investor and analyst

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