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Ragazzo Greciano : Super Mario domains to become huge investment by 2027

Super Mario domains.

Ragazzo Greciano, an established domain analysis expert from Napoli, Italy, prepared the latest report about the future of domain investing.

Leveraging technology reports about online games and the proliferation of VR gadgets and teledildonics, Greciano’s report predicts how “Super Mario” domain names will increase in value in the next decade.

“I play video game, Super Mario, one button press okay? Like domainer, many are stupido and want quick solution – well I say, invest in game domain from registrar allow trademark,” exclaims Ragazzo Greciano.

“For quick success, ma che cazzo, I want tell that 2027 or 2028 big year, if start now, capisce? No waste time, if waste time you are stupido. Be smart, ok?” adds Ragazzo Greciano, gesticulating.

According to data provided in the latest professional domain report, more than 1.5 million “Super Mario” domains are expected to be registered, primarily by Chinese domain investors who follow Ragazzo Greciano’s reports like Buddha’s words.

Ragazzo Greciano explains why:

“In China, people there how you say, they don’t give fuck for trade mark. Easy invest, hide WHOIS with China letter, and flip domain in China auction platform. Porca miseria, no many know this eh?”

If you are in China, or if you don’t give a f*ck, then by all means invest in short, memorable “Super Mario” domains.

They will deliver a huge ROI by 2027, according to Ragazzo Greciano.

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