“Rapid testing” and #domains : New buzzword for the #Covid19 pandemic

Rapid testing is necessary to avoid interacting with non-symptomatic carriers of the Coronavirus.

The Covid19 pandemic is fueled by asymptomatic carriers of the disease, so quick tests that deliver results in a matter of minutes are needed to get those who are sick in self quarantine.

Domain names that are related to the pandemic, but are not referencing the Coronavirus directly, are seen as acceptable to own and even offer for sale, particularly if they were acquired years ago.

For example, Rick Schwartz hand-registered the domain ArtificialRespirators.com not this year, but a full year ago, and he’s holding onto this asset to this day.

And Worldwide Media Inc. founder, Mike Berkens, acquired the domain RapidTesting.com in 2017, having spent just $363 dollars three years ago on NameJet.

These domains are expected to bypass the blockade that domain marketplaces, such as Sedo and others impose on the public trading of “Coronavirus domains.”

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