RDNHx2 : How to waste your money by filing stupid UDRPs

If you have money to waste, try buying XRP – a soon to be worthless cryptocurrency that the SEC filed charges against.

You can also try to file a UDRP for a domain that clearly doesn’t violate a trademark and for which you already lost a previous UDRP with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking, no less.

This by far is the best way to throw a minimum of $3,000 dollars in the garbage: $1,500 dollars for a WIPO filing and another $1,500 dollars for a National Arbitration Forum filing. To exceed that number you can get a multi-panelist setup and also hire an attorney who’s willing to see your case crash and burn.

In the case of Spase.com, the Complainant could have put that $3,000 dollars towards a cash down-payment for the original $15,000 dollar asking price for the domain, financing the remainder on a credit card. Instead, they chose to file a UDRP – twice – assaulting the registrant’s rights to the domain name.

Now, the odds of getting Spase.com as an upgrade to Spase.io for that original $15,000 are less than seeing XRP reaching BTC levels.

Moral of the story: save up for the domain instead of resorting to a “plan B” approach that will be thrown out.

Burn your money – Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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