Ready to buy: Poor student domain buyers unionize

Together in the best of times, together in the worst of times: Poor students eager to acquire gigantic domain name portfolios are unionizing, finally.

Tired of becoming the butt of jokes and the recipients of nasty responses by passive-aggressive domain owners, poor students are joining forces around the globe.

Poor students from Estonia are driving the Poor Students Unite movement currently, joining forces with other nations in the Baltic region, alongside Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The group plans to move to central Europe and the south; for now, these Linux-friendly countries are the movement’s driving force.

Poor student domain buyers are changing their strategy

Says Andrejuus Varalikas of Estonia:

“I poor so afford only the linux OS and we are powerful, no need apples and micro softs. But domain expensive when premium, and why pay? I call owner say, hey, poor student and I offer $99 for LLL .com. He say, fuck you, or worse, and after 150 emails I upset too. So we fight back, join together you know?”

Varalikas is now educating other poor students of the movement about the process of lowballing domain owners but not to the extent of triggering their ire; the approach is to drop a bait but make no monetary offer. They are also changing their “poor student” reference to something less likely to trigger a nasty response.

“I tell my student, hey, you are a poor student but no need say it, you can say I digital nomad work for startup, we needs domain,” explains Andrejuus Varalikas, adding: “Or say I CEO or VP of fresh branch for large German corp, we hire but need domain for HR. Peoples with domain that hear poor student will react, now they say please buy my domain!”

If you hear from Andrejuus Varalikas be nice to the guy and don’t tell him to fuck off as he might be financially backed by a truly gigantic corporation in the cold north of Europe.

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