Real Business: Ignore gTLDs at your peril

The British publication, Real Business, presents a grim picture about the future of businesses that opt to ignore the onslaught of gTLDs.

Launched by Caspian Media in 1997, Real Business is the most read publication in the UK for high growth businesses, with 20,000 twitter followers and 125,000 monthly visitors.

Real Business emphasizes the importance of gTLDs for British businesses.

Real Business emphasizes the importance of gTLDs for British businesses.

The article about the effect of gTLDs on brands and business, states:

“For a new business, the days of having to be creative to the point of confusion with a name in order to find an available domain are soon to be gone forever. GTLDs will offer a whole new world of opportunity for getting creative with a website address. Businesses will be afforded the digital luxury of making themselves catchy and relevant by industry (.construction), by location (.london) or even by specialism (.plumbing)”

Real Business points out some key elements with regards to the strategy that UK businesses must employ, in order to avoid certain peril:

  • Pre-register for domains
  • Register your trademark
  • Take advantage of the sunrise period

Although the article focuses on business owners in the UK, the points it makes apply to every other country as well. The Real Business article concludes thus:

“For smaller UK businesses there is, however, the potential of being left flat-footed through misunderstanding the significance of the change. With more people than ever doing the majority of their business on the web, when new territory is opened as it is now, it’s more important than ever to stake claim on any crucial real estate.”

For the full article from Real Business, click here.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!


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