Major real estate corp moves to Réunion ccTLD

Realogy, an American real estate services company founded in 2006 owns and franchises several real estate brands and brokerages. Operating from the matching domain,, it offers relocation, lead generation, title, and settlement services.

So far so good.

The company announced its domain rebranding that departs from the Realogy brand and moves onto becoming Anywhere. Sure, why not, except that they didn’t acquire, a vacation planning portal.

Realogy chose to move onto a domain hack, but once again their choice of made us scratch our head in disbelief. The obvious domain hack, wasn’t chosen, apparently because it’s not available.

Dot .re is the ccTLD of Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean and part of Africa.

Realogy followers could not believe this type of botched rebranding either. Says Brad Bowman on Twitter:

In the great traditions of the #WORST rebrandings *see @CENTURY21
and @coldwellbanker’s rebrandings… #Realogy keeps with tradition and develops the worst possible rebranding…

Domain investors and brand specialists should treat this domain rebranding as a lesson in what not to do.

Story kudos: Dommunity.

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2 Responses to “ Major real estate corp moves to Réunion ccTLD”
  1. pete says:

    .re as in real estate
    .re should be to real estate what .io is to tech

  2. DomainGang says:

    Pete – If you must have a “real estate” domain either spell it out, e.g. (taken) or choose another .com. Inventing a purpose for an obscure ccTLD is failed marketing. There is also .realestate:

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