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Redacted #domain sale breaks all records!

A redacted domain sale set a new record on the popular domain marketplace, redacted.

According to DNJournal, such news were shared by the company’s CEO, redacted, who stated:

“We are thrilled to have acquired the domain redacted from the seller, redacted – they wanted redacted dollars but we were able to negotiate the price down to a deposit of redacted dollars, and redacted monthly installments, for a total of redacted dollars and redacted cents. This is great news for our shareholders and customers!”

Such domain sales are becoming more common as GDPR rules and regulations are implemented globally; the European Union law carries some stiff penalties for those that share sensitive information on the Internet.

“I used to write about sizable domain sales all the time, and now look at those Europeans, they have screwed a nice thing six ways from Sunday,” said DNJournal editor, redacted, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the global lack of information on “comps” – comparative domain sales – is creating chaos and agony among the domain community.

“That sale of redacted for redacted dollars? I simply don’t believe it sold this low. Maybe someone hacked the redacted platform as these numbers make no sense!” said redacted, a popular domain investor and passionate blogger.

“Some of these redacted domain sales are by desperate sellers that lost the shirt off their backs in Bitcoin and other crap currencies – they are trying to recover some of their loss,” said redacted, on the redacted domain forum.

If you have any feedback on recent sales that are in the redacted price range, let us know.

Redacted domain sales – Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

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