Reddit wars: Domainers are angry and won’t take it anymore!

Redditors are mad that domainers make money.

Redditors are mad that domainers make money.

Just a day after the exposure of strong anti-domainer sentiment on the popular time-waster destination Reddit, domainers themselves are going on the offensive.

“Those pimply kids at Reddit have no clue about domains, don’t waist [sic] any time trying to educate them,” wrote user Joe755x on the popular forum, NamePros.

“I mean, fine if you don’t like domains and don’t want to make a consistent $75-$100 every week selling domains, but dude, if it’s your opinion don’t push it on everyone okay?” added the same user.

Thousands of domain investors every year register several hundred thousand domains for profit; the recent proliferation of cheap gTLDs such as XYZ opened the door of domaining to thousands of young men and women, who are eager to make more than minimum wage as domain investors.

“Domainers aren’t scum, or squatters, or loosers [sic] we are people too!” exclaimed user Bobby Joe on DNForum. “Redditors are idiots and there, I said it, you aren’t better than us!” exclaimed Bobby Joe.

If you have your own opinion about domain name investing, don’t push it onto others – and that’s the bottom line, we won’t take no for an answer.


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2 Responses to “Reddit wars: Domainers are angry and won’t take it anymore!”
  1. Wordy says:

    I’m angry and i’m not going to take it anymore !

  2. Scott Alliy says:

    Thanks for posting the reddit story. In response I wrote and published an article “It’s Time Business and Domain Name Owners Bury The Hatchet”. The article references the reason for and solution to end the stalemate between domain owners and business owners that want their domains. The article is available to read on the homepage of

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