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Registry claws back single letter domains 9 months after registration!

Domainers are up in arms, after two cases of registry claw-back, canceling domains 9 months after they were registered in one case.

It started with a dot .markets domain, 8.markets, which was reclaimed two days later by the Markets Registry.

The domain was reclaimed due to a Registry glitch that allowed single digit domains to be released at 101Domain.

According to the Markets Registry in that case:

“We are only releasing 3-63 character names as stated in our agreement with our Registrar partners. No one is permitted to keep the customers money and no one is being given preferential treatment. There are rules and money does not mean we forget the rules and do whatever we want. The error is unfortunate and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience. We hope you understand that we must comply with these rules that we are governed by.”


Two .OOO domains were clawed back, 9 months later.

At least, the reclaim occurred within 48 hours, and not 9 whole months later, as in the case of two .OOO domains, T.OOO and S.OOO:

“Due to a registry error, these domains were released for registration and hence, the registry will be cancelling the registrations. The domains will be cancelled by the registry within the next 24 hours. We will then be issuing you a refund for each domain. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

In the past, such Registry errors have been met with mixed emotions; in one case, the premium domain Credit.CLUB was allowed to slip out of premium pricing status, and a domainer registered it, leading to a lengthy exchange and the decision by the dot .CLUB Registry to relinquish it.

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