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Results of the #Sedo GreatDomains auction for February 2021

GreatDomains auction by Sedo

Sedo, our premium sponsor, ran a week-long GreatDomains auction and the results are in.

The list below represents sales from a total of approximately 130 domains that were listed in the auction.

A total of 32 domains were sold during the GreatDomains auction for February 2021. All auction-listed domain names had reserve pricing.

You can also review our choice of seven before the auction started.

Note: domains that sold in the four figure range and above are bolded.

treads.com 12500 USD
win.co 11955 USD
gym.co 9439 USD
toys.co 8000 USD
climatology.com 7300 USD
affordable.org 4900 GBP
compraventa.com 4601 EUR
antivirus.es 4103 EUR
husbandry.com 2950 EUR
yolo.de 2900 EUR
vibe.de 2900 EUR
agro.fr 1100 EUR
distinctiveness.com 990 GBP
dwindling.com 990 GBP
rekk.com 860 EUR
blutbild.de 827 EUR
giftideas.org 809 USD
luxussportwagen.de 800 EUR
zie.net 560 USD
mietshäuser.de 500 EUR
onlineexams.com 500 USD
jahreseinkommen.de 300 EUR
shirt.us 260 USD
ndvb.com 249 USD
reservations.us 200 USD
remediable.com 200 USD
ebqf.com 167 EUR
igij.com 165 EUR
incomodo.com 110 EUR
fotografiaerotica.es 99 EUR
vendocarro.com 99 EUR
chocolatechip.io 79 USD

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