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Retard.com sells for $120 at Sedo

Retard.com - A domain for retards?

In a perfect match with the keyword it represents, the domain name Retard.com was sold for a mere fraction of its estimated worth.

Valuate.com – the brainchild of French domainer Francois Carrillo – puts the net worth of Retard.com at $74,000

While this price might seem high in today’s bad economy, Retard.com was sold for $120 after its seller accepted a private offer on Sedo.

“I placed the offer and the seller accepted”, said Julius Williams of Chicago, Illinois. “It don’t matter if the domain isn’t for sale by the owner, once it’s listed on Sedo it’s a contractual agreement. I’ll fight any retard domainer that stands in my way, for sho!”, added Julius.

Quite often, domains listed on Sedo are leftovers from listings of prior owners; once a domain changes hands in a private transaction outside of Sedo, many sellers aren’t bothered to remove them from their portfolio.

“All I know is that $120 for Retard.com is pretty good”, said Julius. “I plan to use it as a platform of education for the mentally challenged and will have a section about retarded domainers as well.”

Let’s hope that on Monday this transaction won’t be confirmed by Sedo!

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5 Responses to “Retard.com sells for $120 at Sedo”
  1. BullS says:

    What a freaking retard steal!!!


  2. Stan says:

    Why didn’t they just send the name to Auction?….oh yeah because they are a Retard!

  3. sin says:


    This sale most likely wont take place. Why? I tell you the reasons.

    I placed a offer on the domain name (Two letters LL.net) in the range of 10k plus. I made a offer, and Seller accepted it.

    After two days, I got a email from sedo, sorry for inconvienence, but this transaction cant place, after we were notified from the seller that he accepted this offer in mistake and was done in error by the seller. So we regret to inform you that the offer you provided is not valid offer.

    LOL, the domain was not supergreat, but I Wanted to buy it, so I made that offer, and ofcourse, I was very sacred, and had the funds, because, I thought the contract would be binding, since the seller (ONCE COUNTERED OFFER ME, AND I ACCETED THE OFFER HE COUNTERED OFFERED ME, SO THAT WAS ACTUALLY HIS OFFER WHICH I HAD ACCEPTED)

    So likewise,sedo rejected the transaction after 7 days without taking any other action, but simply notifying me that “this was due to mistake”

    So retard.com transaction wont take place. My gut feeling.!

  4. Francois says:

    For a fraction of seconds reading your headline at domaining.com I thought your story was true!!!
    (this is why the 100% also on your headline title should avoid many domainer heart attacks)

    I though, how is it possible I did not seen that name at ClosingAuctions.com, when thanks to this service I should no longer missing a great deal again!?

    Ouf, it was simply a joke, the service continue working fine and I can still rely on it to watch each day the good deals closing on major domain auctions houses.

  5. SPK says:

    Wow what a retard seller!!

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