Richard Lau at #NamesConOnline : Find partners smarter than you – use generic #domains

Domain entrepreneur, Richard Lau, founded NamesCon and eventually sold it as the most successful domain conference ever.

As a guest on today’s session, “Why using a Domain Name as a Brand has never been a better idea,” Richard Lau explained why all his ideas become projects that succeed.

The founder said that partnering with with the right people is a fundamental requirement, in order to develop a domain into a successful business.

That’s because it’s very time- and attention-intensive to go at it solo.

Richard Lau recommends teaming up with “people that are smarter than you.”

In the same session, founder, Rolf Larsen, who is also chairman and founder of DNS Global and the dot .Global Registry, shared his advice on utilizing generic domains for your next brand.

Rolf Larsen said that if your budget doesn’t stretch too far making the acquisition of a top-tier generic domain name not affordable, don’t go the prefix road, adding “get” or “go” to the keyword. Instead, it’s better to scratch that name and attempt to acquire a cheaper generic name that does the job.

Sounds like solid advice!

Both guests agreed that domain investors are savvier now, and the value and sales price of domains is steadily increasing.

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