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Rick Latona: I admit it, I can still score!


There’s one reason Rick Latona chose June 8th to 10th for the highly successful TRAFFIC conference, currently in Vancouver, Canada eh?

But let’s talk about a little known fact about Rick’s childhood, something that even Rick doesn’t talk about often.

The New York City native loves soccer.

Growing up in the Big Apple and worshiping the ‘Round Goddess‘, all while his childhood buddies followed baseball, football and basketball, wasn’t easy for Rick.

Polaroid from a 1979 game - Rick Latona on the left.

Kicking his soccer ball against building walls or participating in street games, was how Rick Latona became the quick-reflex domainer that he is today.

“I literally grew up with Pele, Rivelino, Jairjinho, Tostao and the other great Brazilian soccer players as my idols”, says Rick, puffing on a cigarette. “I was a good mid-fielder scoring in most games but I also played as the goalkeeper on several occasions. My teammates knew I would deliver.”

And he sure does. Scoring the biggest domainer conference in the world, TRAFFIC, Rick Latona still loves and respects the sport that brought him up.

“There was no way I’d miss the World Cup 2010 in Johannesburg that starts on the 11th. So yeah, once TRAFFIC is over on the 10th of June, I’m flying over to South Africa baby!”

Known as the sport with two names (soccer in the US, football everywhere else) soccer has the biggest fan base of any sport in the world. An Olympic sport since 1900, soccer’s followers are the most fanatic of any other sport; billions will tune in to World Cup 2010 from June 11 to July 11 in order to watch 11 guys per team kick the ball around.

“I’ll be there watching every World Cup 2010 game”, says Rick with a smile. “And mind you, I still pack a mighty left kick and I can still score.”

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One Response to “Rick Latona: I admit it, I can still score!”
  1. SJK says:

    LOL good one. Latona was so precious looking ๐Ÿ™‚

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