Rick Latona’s Christmas gift brings domainers closer to bankruptcy

Christmas came early for 20 domainers who took advantage of Rick Latona’s generous 50% discount on TRAFFIC tickets.

But is there a secret motive associated with this offering?

By reducing the ticket price for TRAFFIC Las Vegas by more than $800, Rick Latona allowed for great savings; this means that a whole lot more money will be available to gamble at the various slot machines in Las Vegas.

“I like what Rick did for those among us that were waiting until the last minute to register for TRAFFIC, but man I am about to burn these savings on craps and roulette!”, said Frankie McFlinger, a domainer from Queens, NY. “Thanks to Rick Latona’s gift I am sure to go bankrupt by spending my domainer earnings on stripper lap dances!”, he added with a smirk.

This years spectacular TRAFFIC conference in Vegas will be the time of crowning of Rick Latona – domainer of the year for 2008 – as the new domain king. After 15 years of sitting on the domaining throne, Rick Schwartz is expected to hand over the crown to prince Latona.

Many domainers expect this to be the beginning of a new era that will allow for less crappy TLDs such as .mobi and the introduction of ccTLDs as the new coinage of trading among domainers.

DomainGang will be there to tell it like it is!

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2 Responses to “Rick Latona’s Christmas gift brings domainers closer to bankruptcy”
  1. andy kelly says:

    Well imagine how I feel !

    I bought all 20 tickets before it dawned on me that theres only one of me.
    I also am a recovering slot machine and stripper addict !!!
    Now I’m totally buggered !

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Andy, your only hope is to sell several domains at TRAFFIC and ask for the cash to be wired after you leave the gambling paradise!

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