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Rick Schwartz acquired the domain Cybersquatter.com on Flippa

Domainer of the Year for 2014.

Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

It was a wild guess, but it turned out to be 100% accurate: Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, has acquired the domain Cybersquatter.com on Flippa.

Exactly as we predicted yesterday, Rick’s acquisition of Cybersquatter.com is an instant pointing of the domain to Hall Of Shame, a repository of shameful UDRP cases involving Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decisions.

The selling price was $3,000 dollars and the acquisition completed by using the BIN option on Flippa.

Congratulations to Rick, who despite his declaration of being in retirement continues to actively invest in domain names!

And now, visit Cybersquatter.com. 😀

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7 Responses to “Rick Schwartz acquired the domain Cybersquatter.com on Flippa”
  1. Great purchase, congrats Rick! 🙂
    IMHO he should update more often his Hall of Shame, there are so many proved cases of internet scammers, people backing out of a deal, etc, besides some recent cases of RDNH.
    It has to become a real huge database of internet scums, so bad guys will think twice … 😀

  2. tony says:

    DomainGang always break the most interesting domain news!

  3. Anunt says:

    Rick, you’re a domainaholic.
    I am going to forward domainaholic.com to you.

  4. Rod.Tv says:

    Pocket change for Rick, but still a big deal. Good job reporting this!

  5. SBasu says:

    Right domain for the Rightest person

  6. Derick says:

    Nice lol. Very interesting purchase.

  7. Ruben Couto says:

    Can a domainer really retire? 😀

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