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Rick Schwartz : Domain King® still active, making acquisitions

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Whoever claimed that Rick Schwartz has retired from active domain investing, and thus not entitled to his aged, registered mark “Domain King® ,” is most likely a fool.

The TRAFFIC conference founder can most definitely spend his time and life the way he sees fit, and he’s pursuing a UDRP case against squatters of his brand.

Rick still acquires domain names, however, and proof to that is his recent registration of VictimInChief.com.

The phrase “Victim in Chief” and assorted hashtag, #VictimInChief, became popular lately, and is synonymous with failed politics of the Commander in Chief, aka President of the US; social media quickly engaged in a viral reaction.

Looking up who owns this domain unveiled a pleasant surprise, seeing Rick is actively registering domain names.

After all, he is the Domain King® ! 😀

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3 Responses to “Rick Schwartz : Domain King® still active, making acquisitions”
  1. Aaron Strong says:

    LMAO…..Way to go Domain King!…..It’s hard to make money “Polidomaining”, but it can be fun….

  2. DomainGang says:

    Aaron – No doubt, viral phrases and memes can fetch a pretty penny during an election year.

  3. Eric Lyon says:

    Nice to see that Rick is stick kicking up dust and making waves in the industry. 😉

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