Rick Schwartz: Five million dollar sale of LLL .com #domain in the works!


Rick Schwartz announced today that a $5 million+ domain sale of a three letter .com is in the works.

The Domain King said:

I’m under an NDA but I can disclose that I have a 3 letter #Domain that is about to be under contract for over $5 Million. It will be public by October and will be GROUNDBREAKING!

This spectacular pending sale makes everyone wonder: Which LLL .com will Rick Schwartz be selling in excess of $5 million dollars?

Rick’s collection of three letter domain names is rather short, but two domains stand out: ASS.com and LUV.com. Here are the rest, in comparison:


As one can tell, nothing else stands out other than SOB.com.

Since Rick used cryptocurrency hashtags in his tweet, speculation rises over the potential sale of the domain LUV.com.

What is the rationale?

Domain sleuth, George Kirikos, focused on the same domain as well, citing an existing trademark registration application by a cryptocurrency company for the LUV mark.

Rick Schwartz is being hosted on Clubhouse today, June 8th, by domain investor Krista Gable. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap the Domain King’s mind at 1:00 PM Eastern! 😀

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One Response to “Rick Schwartz: Five million dollar sale of LLL .com #domain in the works!”
  1. Steve says:

    Could also be WAD.com, there is a token called WardenSwap using WAD as token identifier
    Plus the term “Wad of money” would make sense that wad.com could be crypto play. Just a guess.
    Either way the DomainKing will be cashing cashing in with a “WAD” of money! Congrats to Rick, long live the DomainKing.

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