Rick Schwartz #Foundation : The #Domain King’s continued mission

Rick Schwartz talks about his “back pocket story” on Twitter

In 2020, Rick Schwartz clocks 25 years in active domain investing, a life’s path that spans several successful sales and a domain conference that kick-started the industry.

The Domain King is enjoying life and shares his thoughts and knowledge on Twitter, on a daily basis.

Let’s face it, planning long term never hurt anyone – in fact, there are plenty of benefits ensuring that your future is defined. This way, you can enjoy the present with a confident mindset.

In a recent Tweet, Rick Schwartz announced the formation of the Rick Schwartz Foundation, an entity that will ensure the continuation of his acquired assets and the enrichment of his chosen beneficiary group.

“#Domaining produces Generational Wealth just like #RealEstate 2020 will be my 25th year of #domain investing. So I have setup the Rick Schwartz Foundation after I pass. We all have a gift in life. Mine was #domains”

Rick did not reveal any particular details at this time, stating:

“Taken a very long time to think about and formulate. But I am not making any public announcements at this time.”

We are excited to see Rick Schwartz’s mission in life continuing, and most definitely wish him to live long and prosper, sharing his knowledge and wisdom for many, many years to come!

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