Rick Schwartz kickstarts Domainfest Santa Monica – Day 1

Rick Schwartz at the podium at Domainfest Santa Monica.

In a gesture signifying unity and domain empowerment, the legendary domain king – Rick Schwartz – addressed the crowds at Domainfest Santa Monica, earlier today.

“Folks, I am pleased to be here at Domainfest, to talk about opportunity and how to grab it by the horns”, said Rick.

“This year is a crucial year and you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Check your numbers, they don’t lie. Which domainers investing in 3D domains are going to survive? Will it be you? Will it be me?

The domainers of Domainfest applauded manically, giving Rick an encore twice.

“Who needs pigeonsh*t, who needs yet another hole in their wallets?”, asked Rick setting the crowd on fire.

“Well, I don’t. Get rid of the junk that drains your blood. Invest in quality dot com domains. There are many opportunities and I will address it all in my upcoming book.”

After stepping down from the podium, Rick Schwartz shook hands with other participants of the conference; some asked for Rick’s autograph and posed for photos.

It’s all at Morgan Linton’s web site with full coverage of Day 1.

Truly, a historical moment for all domainers, invigorating the industry and catapulting domaining into Main Street and surely Wall Street.

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