Rick Schwartz reveals version 5.5.1b of Hall of Shame


Don’t try to steal our domains.

Mondays are the best times to release a new joint venture or a project, as most domainers need a diversion from the long week ahead.

Rick Schwartz’s announcement of Hall of Shame 5.0 last week, became obsolete rather quickly, as a new and improved version has just been launched.

“Good Monday afternoon, folks!” exclaimed Rick.

“With version 5.5.1 beta of Hall of Shame, we are launching some new and improved features, so that the world knows about the scum of the earth, the reverse domain name hijackers!” added Rick, visibly excited about the beta release.

The new features of Hall of Shame include the following:

  • An even darker “black” background – as dark as Darth Vader’s helmet – to emphasize the evilness of those featured on HallOfShame.com
  • A less smoother photo of RDNH ‘poster boy’, Marcio Mello Chaves, that fully unveils remnants of acne and facial cuts from childhood brawls.
  • The addition of devil horns to Ron Paul’s mugshot, as his connection with the antichrist is paramount. After all, he wanted to reclaim his full name .com for free – everything has a price.
  • The spot “This could be you or your company” is now a featured spot – Respondents of RDNH cases can now pay a small fee to feature the Complainants that were sore losers in their UDRP.
  • The buttons to view more cases are now 4 pixels wider to make it easier for mobile users to click on them.
  • Numerous other tweaks and bug-fixes that you might not care about.

Overall, the new Hall Of Shame 5.5.1b offers an improved experience, that will make those companies or individuals found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking, shake in their boots with fear.

Visit the new improved version now.

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