Rick Schwartz sells yet another NNN .com domain,


Rick Schwartz sold

If you perused the list of Rick Schwartz’s numeric domains we shared a while back, you can scratch off that list.

Earlier today, the Domain King® shared the news of the sale, tweeting thus:

“Just sold . Chinese market alive and well!

Great .Com Domains outperform EVERY single stock on the market! #domains”

Indeed, the Chinese domain market for short numeric domains keeps the dream alive for those holding onto premium domain assets; overall, however, its performance is only a small portion of its prime days in 2015.

There was no information on the selling price of – knowing the great performance of Rick Schwartz’s domain negotiations, we can only guesstimate it was high six figures USD.

For now, the WHOIS information of has not changed; the domain is pending transfer out to another registrar.

Will it go to China? 😀

Congratulations for the sale, Rick!

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2 Responses to “Rick Schwartz sells yet another NNN .com domain,”
  1. Mark Thorpe says:

    Congrats Rick, again. Lol

  2. Anunt says:

    Very nice name…wow!!!
    I bet it sold for $977k
    Congrats Rick!!!

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