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Riots in China over ‘Punch a Domain Thief’ day


Anti-American sentiment in the Suk Mai Dig province.

Violent riots erupted in China this morning, as Americans observe the 1st annual National Punch A Domain Thief Day.

Thousands of protesters, many of them affiliates of rogue domain registrars, took to the streets, smashing windows and settings cars on fire.

“We no like punch face, call no thief!” yelled a protester, while another one burned an American flag with the dot .com on it.

“Because take domain from insecure registrar, that service, no theft, fix mistake no call name!” screamed a person, apparently an employee of a rogue Chinese registrar.

The police stepped in to intervene, only to be told that the gathering was anti-American, not anti-Government.

Many protesters carried red flags with China’s own ccTLD, dot .CN, on it. Other flags carried numeric domains.

Chaos lasted for several hours in Beijing, Hong Kong and the Suk Mai Dig province, where a Sedo regional office was set on fire.

With domain theft rampant in 2014, the pattern of Chinese thieves infiltrating GoDaddy accounts via the use of phishing emails continues into 2015.

If you spot a domain thief in the act today, you know what you have to do.


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