RIP #domain registry reverses scandalous acquisition by Unethical Capital LLC

In a remarkable reversal of its original decision, Internet overseer, ICANNT, has withdrawn its approval of selling a veteran domain registry, RIP, to Unethical Capital LLC.

The one billion plus dollar sale was in limbo since last November, after at least 25 protesters picketed the offices of ICANNT, right before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dozens of protest emails were also sent to discourage domain owners of premium .ROG domains from selling them cheap on various forums.

ICANNT CEO, Mike Hunt, stated:

“I have to admit that the original decision to sell RIP to Unethical Capital LLC was one of these monumental mistakes that deserve to be ridiculed with their own meme, for a minimum of 20 years on social media, non-stop.

I have no doubt that the majority of ICANNT stakeholders were either drunk, or were using non-medicinal marijuana when they reached the original decision. I want to congratulate everyone who slapped us back to our senses. RIP is no longer for sale!”

Outspoken domain name attorney, Dick Dixon, applauded the decision by ICANNT, without mincing his words:

“It’s truly ridiculous that we had to push so hard to get one fucking thing done, and we had to go through hell or high water with this fucking pandemic so that ICANNT stakeholders would lose their bon viveur trips to Bora Bora and Timbuktu for fucking conferences! Let’s see what the Attorney General says about this now, fuckwads!”

If you own .ROG domain names, you can breathe now – their prices will remain about the same as before, at least until the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, so that should last a few years.

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