RIP James Bond: Sean Connery actually owned his matching .com #domain

Sean Connery, by far the most popular James Bond, has passed.

The prolific Scottish actor with the distinct ability to captivate his audience for decades, was 90 years old.

One little known fact about Sean Connery is that he actually owned and operated the domain – with the help of his wife Michelle.

That domain was registered in 1999 and by 2000 it was listed for sale for up to $7,000 dollars.

Archived pages show that by 2001, was “privately owned” and not for sale.

By May 31, 2002, the domain was used as the official web site of Sir Sean Connery, indicating that a sale or other arrangement took place.

So what happened?

Drilling down that archived copy of, it reads:

“I would like to thank the many people who have helped. My appreciation extends to Chad and Stanley who were kind enough to relinquish the domain names for our site; to Jo and Rob Beck of Beck Interactive and their entire staff who not only provided the technical expertise and much of the artistic flair but who also worked long hours and always delivered everything on time; and to Greg Sterling for his “Forrester-like” editing skills. They all gave professional help that has been invaluable.”

From this statement it appears as if the domain name(s) were given for free or “relinquished” to Sean Connery – the other domain that possibly changed hands is

Sadly, both the .com and the .org are down today.

Rest in peace, Sean Connery.

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