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RoboMann : Domain investor, Mike Mann, not really human

In what appears to be an extraordinary revelation, domain investor, Mike Mann, has acknowledged that he’s not really human.

Long-questioned about his ability to survive solely on cheap green tea and no sleep, Mr. Mann’s statement might shock some.

“Why am I obsessed about being right? Well aside from being a narcissistic egomaniac I operate businesses, and charities, write books, and intend to start a political party, and by the way, I am part machine, a RoboMann 800 Series. So now you know.”

The unexpected statement alerted domain investors, calling for implications on domain ownership rights that ICANN might need to amend; if robotic entities, or partially human beings can register, own and sell domains for insane ROI, then what’s next?

Would Mike Mann’s robotic algorithms, mixed with superior DNA become an unfair competition to other domain investors?

The mind boggles.

Mike Mann’s statement was delivered with honesty and in a perfect crescendo voice. It’s the kind of response one expects from a highly intelligent domainer “hybrid.”

It remains to be seen whether Mike Mann, or RoboMann, will remain friendly and soft-spoken after the latest revelations.


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