Rod Beckstrom in pictures!

The former ICANN CEO, Rod Beckstrom, clearly enjoyed to use his hands during the numerous meetings he has attended in the past three years.

It is with great pleasure that we present the best of Rod Beckstorm’s hand-gesture pictures, while hoping that Rod will stick around the domain community for a few more years. 😀

Rod Beckstrom talking about the size of his “stick”.

Rod Beckstrom fist-pumping at the New Jersey Shore.

Rod Beckstrom talking about breast sizes.

Rod Beckstrom in a “heavy balls” moment.

Rod Beckstrom doing the butterfly move.

Rod Beckstrom setting the ICANN CEO bar very high.

Rod Beckstrom in a fist pumping move.

Rod Beckstrom in a “hold your horses” gesture.

Rod Beckstrom displaying the spread of new gTLDs across the Internet.

Rod Beckstrom displaying the “got you by the balls” salute.

Rod Beckstrom describing the upcoming clash of trademarks in gTLDs.

Rod Beckstrom displaying the baseball grip.

Rod Beckstrom using the brotherly three finger sign for “Word!”

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