Rolling Domainer: Special ICANN 49 issue about Globalism, NSA and the Internet

With ICANN 49 ongoing in Singapore, the new issue of the Rolling Domainer is out.

Covering the ICANN push for a global, free Internet, as opposed to its tyrannic and oppressive 20 first years, the Rolling Domainer profiles Fadi Chehadé, ICANN CEO, in a ground-breaking interview.

“Definitely the mix of politics and globalism reporting that I’ve been waiting for!” remarked Edward Snowden from Russia.

Other articles in this edition include:

  • ICANN 49 Lifestyle: A complete guide to food, hedonism and night club entertainment in Singapore.
  • NSA Report: The agency that was set up to serve and protect America is doing a damn fine job.
  • Paul Stahura: Donuts – and why everyone should have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The End of the Internet: Editorial on the globalized assault against good old fashioned American Internet.

If you missed the July 2013 edition of the Rolling Domainer, click here.

Rolling Domainer – Special ICANN 49 Edition.

Rolling Domainer – Special ICANN 49 Edition.

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