From Russia with love: Nikolai Domienenko interviews Jeff Sass of dot .CLUB


Spasibo .CLUB

Our Russian correspondent in Yekaterinburg, Nikolai Domienenko, has a strong portfolio of domainer interviews under his belt.

After becoming a confidante of Russian multi-billionaire domain investor, Sergei Putanov, Nikolai Domienenko interviewed Oksana Dermoskaya, an elusive female domain investor from Russia.

Nikolai Domienenko’s investigating reporting has attracted the attention of US media, PR companies and domain companies.

Delivering his first ever Russian podcast, Nikolai Domienenko interviews dot .CLUB Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Sass.

In this exclusive interview, Jeff Sass discusses domains, vodka, grandmothers, potato chips, culture, collisions, XYZ & statistics, nuclear warheads and the sick idea of clubbing baby seals among other interesting things.


Many thanks to Jeff Sass ofย dot .CLUB for granting this exclusive interview to us! Spasibo, Jeff.

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