Russian domain mogul Sergei Putanov launches ‘Meet Me in Russia’ venture

Meet me in Russia - By Sergei Putanov.

Prolific domain investor, Sergei Putanov – the man behind the dot .communism gTLD initiative – is about to shock the world yet again.

Known for his investments in large real estate projects, Sergei Putanov is now backing an escort web site site for millionaires.

Nikolai Domienenko, our Moscow correspondent, had a short interview over the weekend with Russian domainer, Sergei Putanov. Below is the unedited conversation:

Nikolai Domienenko: Mr. Putanov, could you share with us your current projects?

Sergei Putanov: Please, call me Sergei. My friends call me Sergei, my mother calls me Sergy. My many Ukrainian girlfriends call me Russian love machine. About plan, I have few. Now work on adult XXX project, make money as launch .xxx TLD near. Have stay on top in business.

Nikolai: Sergei, are you not listening to some that say dot com is king?

Sergei: Of course listen and invest diversify. Like not put all eggs on same basket, or not marry fat wife when can have skinny beautiful Ukrainian prostitutes different day. I invest project, also have plan for escort site.

Nikolai: What exactly is that escort site?

Sergei: After collapse buy similar domain launch escort site. Prostitution legal Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, France. Only America have go Nevada for pay sex. Stupid Americans!

Nikolai: So you will invite people to meet escorts in Russia?

Sergei: Exactly. Fresh women match with rich entrepreneurs, some domainers. Must pay cash. Or I break leg, no take credit. In Meet Me in Russia project, possibility endless for horny domainer!

Nikolai: Are you going to set up the web site soon?

Sergei: As said, in mother Russia domain develop you. So yes, working on it – advice from Mike Mann interview which admire. Very intelligent.

Nikolai: Will the Meet me in Russia venture offer discounts to domainers?

Sergei: Not discount, but extra time with Ukraine prostitute, or want coupon for drinks. Also, Meet me in Russia project work with domain conference for true girlfriend experience. So you go TRAFFIC or DOMAINFest with hot woman, big breast and long leg. Instant success.

Nikolai: Thank you very much Sergei for sharing this exciting domain venture with us!

Sergei: My pleasure, remember: I break leg those that pay not. Do svidaniya!


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