Russian investor Sergei Putanov: I buy for $25 million dollar

Sergei Putanov - Russian billionaire investor.

Sergei Putanov – Russian billionaire investor.

Sergei Putanov, the enigmatic domain investor and billionaire developer from Russia, is known for his impromptu investments in commodities around the world.

Spending time between Ekaterinburg, Russia and Dubai-Florida, Sergei Putanov spoke to our correspondent, Nikolai Domienenko, about his imminent investment in the domain name

Nikolai Domienenko: “Sergei, happy new year and Счастливого Нового года! We are excited you want to share with us your latest acquisition, what is it?”

Sergei Putanov: “Nikolai, spasiba balshoy, and let me say domainer spent money follow my investment, or die climbing American fiscal cliff. I put money in where money makes: nature, gas, petrol, gold. And invest good, when also have sex satisfaction, Ukrainian supermodel.”

Nikolai: “We have been following your investments throughout 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012; where are you planning to spend money this new year, 2013?”

Sergei: “I buy and spend up to $25 million dollar, if accept. I not ask polite, if seller say “yes”, I send money in suitcase. If say “no”, I break leg. ”

Nikolai: “So you are certain that the acquisition of is complete?”

Sergei: “Listen, when I get up morning and stretch, eat caviar and kiss Ukrainian woman after sex at 7:00am. I don’t bullshit. I buy when want something, like woman I like, I buy. is next investment, and $25 million is good now. Obama economy is bullshit, why pay more in euro, when dollar weak.”

Nikolai: “What will you make out of, Sergei? Develop it?”

Sergei: “I have idea, develop about Gas natural, in mother Russia. Peoples are poor and need invest money natural resource, so buy a share of and invest. So trade stockmarket gas, understand?”

Nikolai: “That’s a brilliant idea, Sergei, selling shares of the gas commodity in the open market in Russia! The people will love you.”

Sergei: “Remember, when say buy stock of, and you don’t, I break leg. And now, have to say goodnight, late here, need to sleep. ”

Nikolai: “Thank you for the interview, Sergei, always a pleasure to tap your brain for ideas. Congratulations and best of luck with”


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  1. picas says:

    dont know BullS thoughts but I really like all news about this Putanop …I love his life and his power …
    who dont ,becareful ..I break leg …

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