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Sahar Sarid: Pearl diving among domains

Sahar looking for pearls during the day.

Sahar looking for pearls during the day.

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Sahar Sarid, might be spending most of his time inside large bodies of water, but he’s definitely not vacationing.

After taking a long sabbatical that involved such diverse thrill-seeking activities as diving in Phuket, or joining the Hare Krisna, Sahar is now actively looking for pearls.


“Every day I take a long swim in the warm waters of Florida, where many a mother of pearl is known to exist,” says Sahar, paddling on a longboard.

“Just like domain investing, sometimes we have to hold a long breath, dive deep, and search the murky bottom of the sea for that elusive pearl, and I find many!” added Sahar, smiling.

Not yet promising to make it a full time business, Sahar has already amassed 317 fully grown pearls from his numerous daily adventures. He plans to continue doing what he loves most, on a daily basis.

“There’s no point in doing things in life any other way. You might be making more money than I do, but I live life to the fullest, and that’s a blessing,” says Sahar Sarid.

We are very fond and proud of Sahar, for setting the paradigm that all domain investors should live their lives by.

Note: Sahar expressed his disappointment that no positive stories on domainers exist in the usual news aggregators – just endless lists of dropping or auctioned domains. We wrote this fictional story to highlight that.

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