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Saint Teresa : Finally, .com holder updates 1999 domain


A jubilant Pope Francis canonized Mother Teresa at the Vatican earlier today, officiating her title as Saint Teresa.

The nun who passed in 1997 after years of caring for the poor in India, waited almost 20 years after the consideration of canonization began.

Along with Saint Teresa’s new title as a saint, a very patient domain registrant finally gets the chance to update the aged content of their web site.

Early domain investor, Thomas Welch, registered the domain SaintTeresa.com in 1999 and StTeresa.com in 2000, providing a rudimentary landing page with related content.

The Google algorithms have changed a lot since the web site was last updated; it does not rank in the first 2 pages of Google for “Saint Teresa.

Google, along with other search engines, place importance to fresh content these days, in order to rank high in its results.

The canonization of Mother Teresa as a saint would definitely initiate a lot of searches, perhaps some direct type-ins to the matching .com, SaintTeresa.com, as well.

The official web site sits at MotherTeresa.org.

Pope Francis tweeted about Saint Teresa.

Pope Francis tweeted about Saint Teresa.

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