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Samos is a beautiful Greek island in the eastern Aegean sea, with rich history and breath-taking views.

The verdant island with mountain trails, beaches & restaurants, is the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras and philosopher Epicurus. The Muscat wines from Samos are legendary.

Meanwhile, the matching .com domain name,, was registered in 1997 and in the possession of a Swedish company ever since.

Samos, Greece | Photo courtesy of

But things are changing after 25 years as the domain name is now in the possession of and its Domain Concierge service.

Simply put, the domain name has definitely been sold and the ongoing transfer of the domain is controlled by

This is exciting news: Greece is expecting a record number of post-pandemic tourism this year, so hopefully the domain will be returning to Greece, just like the beautiful Greek island it was named after. 🙂

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