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#Satanism? #ICANN decision outrages the faithful with introduction of dot .666

Dot .666 is arriving soon.

ICANN approved the application of dot .666, a new gTLD aimed at establishing a global educational network on apocryphal studies, per its application details. It’s the first such approval in the new year, 2018.

Often cited as “the mark of the beast,” the triple six number strikes a bad note with the religious faithful around the world.

“This is the mark of satan, as described by John in the holy book of Revelation, and anyone carrying it will be satan’s tool, we must strongly oppose to it or perish!” exclaimed Father Timotei Spatenko of the Russian Orthodox church.

ICANN officials denied that there is any satanic reference to the application and approval of dot .666, and stated that it’s for educational purposes only.

“We are independent of any religious bias, and this application met all the strict criteria, just like any other gTLD that gets approved,” said Midas Satanus of ICANN.

“Any references to mystic rituals, such as copulation with animals and the drinking of human blood, is complete nonsense by the few who do not like the fact we actually do our job here!” exclaimed Satanus, absent-mindedly doodling a pentagram on a piece of paper.

Just like other gTLDs such as .xyz, dot .666 is easy to remember and type, and will be available for general availability on 6/6/18.

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One Response to “#Satanism? #ICANN decision outrages the faithful with introduction of dot .666”
  1. Hal says:

    This seems fake but could be true, waiting for registering hosting-offers.666 😀

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