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Satanist group secures .Satanism gTLD application at ICANN


Dot .satanism will feature the image of a goat as its primary logo, after ICANN approves its application.

One of the expected side-effects of opening up the gTLD universe, is the proliferation of keywords related to large user groups.

Religionthe opium of the people, according to Karl Marx – is one such large group.

ICANN has hinted that such gTLD registrations will be expected among the almost 2,000 applications for new gTLDs that will be revealed less than a week from now.

One of them, dot .Satanism, will attempt to utilize the freedom of speech initiative to link and organize tens of thousands of satanists around the globe.

“Satan worshippers are a large consumer group and we have no problem accepting their fees, it’s strictly business!” exclaimed ICANN spokesperson Natalie DeVille.

“These days, technology and science are no longer considered to be the devil’s tools; back in the middle ages, Christianity quickly identified such practices with witchcraft and satanism. The Internet has changed all that, thank God!” added Miss DeVille.

Satanism is a recognized religion in the US, and while its members do not possess horns or goat hooves, they do dress up in funny outfits and chant rituals to Baal, Satan and Lucifer, among other lords of evil.

The introduction of dot .satanism will allow people of the satanist faith to form their own social networks and register domain name keywords long-squatted upon by dot com pioneers.

After successfully launching .satanism, ICANN will be ready for the onslaught of Christian televangelist applicants, reputedly in the hundreds.

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