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Satanist wins domain UDRP on the basis of ‘religious freedom’

What appears to be an innocent billy goat is something evil and dark that cannot be spoken of.

Satanism is a valid, celebrated religion in America.

Is America becoming more tolerable in the digital world, including domain name disputes?

A split decision by a three member panel appears to have dug deeper into the world of darkness in a UDRP case; the outcome was to order the domain to remain with the Respondent.

“Americans need to understand that Satanism is a recognized religion like any other, and we have the right to express our religious freedom according to the Constitution,” said Grant Maximus of Peoria, Illinois.

“They tried to take away my domain just because I included our Lord Satan along with the name of a mega-church here in Illinois, and they lost. Isn’t that fantastic?” added Maximus, raising both arms towards a poster of satan on his office wall.

The domain GreatPresbyterianChurchOfSatan.org was in dispute, but both Elebong Gorrish and Sybil Satanus – panelists – decided that the Complainant in this case, the Great Presbyterian Church of Peoria Illinois, was in the wrong.

“Two of the panelists were more understanding of our fundamental rights for religious freedom, and the decision is something to thank the Lord of Darkness for,” said Grant Maximus, chanting:Diabolus. Dies irae, dies illa. Solvet Saeclum in favilla!”

One of the panelists, Jesus Pius, had an opposing opinion, but the majority vote delivered the decision in this case; religious freedom in America is not something to mess with.

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2 Responses to “Satanist wins domain UDRP on the basis of ‘religious freedom’”
  1. Peter says:

    You went too far with this fiction.

  2. RaTHeaD says:

    if jesus and satan arm wrestled… who do you think would win?
    if you answered chef patrick, you are correct.

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