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Saudi Arabia : Women now allowed to register domain names

Big news for women in Saudi Arabia, as the conservative religious kingdom now gives them permission to register domain names.

No longer in need of a male custodian’s permission, Saudi women can become self-sufficient domainers.

“It’s a great time for domain investors in Saudi Arabia, God willing,” said Djamila M., an artist and domain investor.

“We will be able to register domain names, test the new gTLDs and ccTLDs, even emoji domains, without being ridiculed or persecuted for our choices!” exclaimed Djamila.

Saudi Arabia has more than 750 male domain investors, that will now face direct competition from their female counterparts.

“Women we respect, and now more equality, is good, competition too, as long as they take care of children and cooking, domains are ok,” said entrepreneur Abdullah S., adding: “I have two wive, one cook and clean house, and other do domain trades, so I ok.”

In that respect, Saudi Arabia is finally advancing into the 21st century, having skipped the global social advancements in gender equality during the 20th century.

Saudi women will now enjoy domaining without restrictions.

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2 Responses to “Saudi Arabia : Women now allowed to register domain names”
  1. Howie says:

    That’s great news for the domain community, I hear they can now drive too! Whatever next?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Howie – I’m suspecting that they will be able to exit their house without GPS-enabled shackles.

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