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Save me! Rick Schwartz quietly celebrates one year of #Winning against Brazil

How time flies! It was a year ago, when Rick Schwartz unleashed the ‘kraken‘, by winning a monumental reverse domain name hijacking decision against Brazilian entrepreneur, Márcio Mello Chaves.

The SaveMe.com decision confirmed Rick’s full authority over a domain that pre-dated any later claims for a trademark in the land of samba and tiny bikinis.

We are Domainers! Featuring Rick Schwartz.

We are Domainers! Featuring Rick Schwartz.

A year later, Rick Schwartz’s list of reverse domain name hijackers continues to grow, presenting a digital wall of shame to anyone willing to steal domain assets via a UDRP.

Let’s hope that in the future, WIPO and NAF panelists will use the SaveMe.com case as an educational milestone in similar decisions.

Happy birthday, Rick! 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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2 Responses to “Save me! Rick Schwartz quietly celebrates one year of #Winning against Brazil”
  1. Richard says:

    Roast all hijackers, get to the choppa!

  2. Britt Reeves says:

    Donald Trumps lawyers sent me to wipo
    they want me to give up my domain that I paid
    cash for from a guy in NJ and he had it for sale
    for years. They trademarked in 2004 but
    the guy before me got it before 2004
    and I am a realtor in Miami Beach and I sold
    Trump Palace apts and rented there also.
    I have a legit interest. My site never said I am
    Trump or I work for Him or anything. They continually
    email me and sent me a fed ex saying they are going to sue
    but soon wipo will decide.

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